3 Most Beautiful Temples In Hong Kong

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Tourists seek to visit natural and cultural attractions all over the world. One of the best places to visit is Hong Kong because of the beautiful temples found there.
The months of October, November and December are best times to visit Hong Kong. During this time the weather is favorable, sunny and cool.
The following are the three beautiful temples you should visit while in Hong Kong:
1) Chi Lin Nunnery
Chi Lin Nunnery temple was built in 1934 and later it was redesigned into Tang Dynasty architectural style in 1990. It is located in Diamond Hills, Kowloon in Hong Kong.
This temple is among the largest Buddhist temples, it covers an area of more than 33,000 square meters. Divided into sixteen halls, it is one of the largest building made of wood in the world.
It is said that a certain traditional Chinese special system was used to build the temple without the use of nails.
There are three types of statues made up of wood, gold and clay in Chin Lin Nunnery temple halls.
These statues are:
– Bodisattvas
– The Sakyamuni Budhaa
– The goddess of mercy Guanyin
2) Yuk Hui Temple
This temple was founded in 1783. Several renovations have since been done. A lot of people have also contributed in the renovations of the temple by donating jewels and antiques to the temple.
Yuk Hui Temple is named after Mr. Lam Yuk Mo.
Yuk Hui temple has a total of three halls. The main hall hosts the Pak Tai statues. Guanyim, Tu Di Gong, Tin Hua, Tai Sui and Pak Tai are the deities found in this temple.
Pak Tai however, is the main goddess worshipped in this temple because they claim she is courageous and powerful.
Other things you find in the temple include iron sword, golden crown, a Pak statue, incense burners, a bronze bell, sedan chair and two stone pillars.
Yuk Hui temple is visited by worshippers during Pak Tai and Ban festivals.
3) Miu Fat Buddhist Monastery
This temple was first built in the 1950s as a three story building. Later in 2010 it was then rebuilt into a building of 10 storeys at Lam Tei in Tuen Mun District. It is the second after Sha Tin’s 10,000 Buddhas Monastery.
The temple is divided to host a library, a community hall, a shrine (Buddhist), cultural welfare facilities and a kitchen that serves vegetarian food.
Ten thousand Buddha’s hall and Mahavira hall are the two halls found in the building. Ten thousand Buddha’s hall has a lotus shrine designed in it and is 45 meters tall.
Mahavira hall houses three statues of Buddhas Sayamuni, the statues are gold plated in nature.
The temple has been consistent in organizing activities that promote Buddhism, charity, education and culture over the years.
Hong Kong massage and luxurious meals are not the only things that the region offers to tourists. There is another side to it, the beautiful temples.
If you don’t want to miss the fun in Hong Kong make sure you visit the temples which are a mark of beauty in the region.

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