3 Effective Ways To Attract Millennials Towards Travel

The days when business and travel use to be separate are long gone. With the trend of globalization sweeping across the business world, travel has become an integral part of your business. Due to this, travel and tourism has become a trillion-dollar industry.
According to the predictions, the travel industry will grow to $2.4 trillion by 2028. With more and more millennials entering the workplace, a major chunk of these trillions of dollars will be contributed from Millennials. In fact, they are already responsible for contributing $50 billion to travel consumerism industry in the USA alone.
This means that if you want a big chunk of the pie, you will have to target millennials. Identify what millennials want from their travel trips and incorporate them into your services. This will help your travel business to attract millennials and increase their interest in traveling.
In this article, you will learn about three effective ways to attract millennials towards travel.
1. Creativity
Travel industry is becoming more and more competitive with each passing day. New players are entering, and old ones are cementing their place. This has resulted in travel industry getting overcrowded. With so many travel businesses trying to attract customers, it is harder to stand out from the crowd and get noticed. That is where your creativity comes into play.
Make sure you don’t put all your energies to amenities. Instead, offer millennials creative activities that others are not. Yes, there is nothing wrong in showing off the swimming pool but if you should water sports and water activities that millennials can indulge in the pool, it would be much better. Millennials get excited when they see something unique that fascinate them and persuade them to try it such as sandboarding on Dubai desert safari. If you show them images of the pool, they won’t be attracted towards your travel business.
If you don’t know how to give a unique twist to your tours, take arts, entertainment and fitness courses. You can offer guests a unique way to meet each other in a yoga class or let them show off their creative skills in a painting competition. You could also consider joining hands with a NGO so you can let your guest volunteer for few hours to a day. These are only some of the examples of how you can infuse creativity into your travel business and make it stand out from the crowd.
2. Authenticity
If you analyze the behavior of young travelers such as millennials, you will come to know that they prefer authentic
experiences over curated ones. In fact, they are looking for unique travel experiences that could change their personality. Millennials loves going on tours which allows them the opportunity to explore, learn and grow. They love to mingle with local people, dip their toes in local culture and experience local food.
Millennials usually prioritize interactive experiences over passive experiences. If you offer millennials the choice between a hands-on cooking class with a local chef and a day trip to the famous museum, they will surely choose the former. By providing them what they are looking for, you can attract many millennial customers and get a sizable user base which would stay loyal with you for a long time.
Contrary to the perception most people have about millennials, millennials are most environmentally conscious amongst all generation and love to support causes. They would spend more to purchase environment friendly goods. If your travel business can do any one or both, millennials will surely be attracted to your travel business.
3. Connection
We all know how much millennials love technology. You will find them online on their social media accounts and chatting with their friends on messenger apps. They are socially active and loves to make new connections. They might have a small friend circle but that might be growing rapidly.
If you want to target millennials, you will have to be active on social media. With millennials spending most of their time online on social media sites, it is a no brainer. Expect millennials to contact your business directly on social media instead of visiting your website, getting the contact information and then calling you. Research have shown that if a brand communicate actively with millennials on social media, they are more likely to become their loyal customers. Even if you don’t have a social media presence yet, make sure you do have a live chat feature on your website. Even though, it can not replace social media presence but it can save your business from losing out customers.
How do you attract millennials towards travel? Feel free to share it with us in the comments section below.