3 Best Croatian Vacation Cities

Located somewhere in the midriff of central Europe, Croatia is a country of many historic cities offering various attractions to cater to all kinds of travelers. From beautiful islands and warm sandy beaches to vestiges of the Venetian era and well-preserved Roman architectural leftovers, there’s much to see and plenty to do. What follows is a look at 3 of Croatia’s pick-of-the-bunch cities guaranteed to give you the vacation of a lifetime.
1) Dubrovnik
Dubrovnik has provenly played a great part in steering Croatia’s tourism industry to the great heights of today with its towers, gates, and walls offering a one-of-a-kind Roman experience that has lured thousands of visitors to its shores. The town’s rich history has also played a crucial role in furthering the HBO franchise “Game of Thrones” with its coastal port serving as the real-life setting to King’s Landing alongside other scenic locations around the country such as Diocletian’s Palace and Klis Fortress in Split. The city known as the “Pearl of the Orient” is truly meant for history buffs with the town serving up more of the same with ancient attractions such as the city gates of Ploce and Pile, Loggia Square, St Savior church, Rector’s Palace and museum, and St.John fort among many others. Not forgetting breathtaking views from atop an assembly of towering, colorful Croatia property within the town, Dubrovnik is a city that affords plenty for both the eyes and mind.
2) Rovinj
Istria’s most prized jewel is the seaside, quiet town of Rovinj built upon a circular peninsula characterized by Venetian-style palaces and radiant buildings. The offshore waters harbor popular fishing spots while the cobbled mainland is decorated by stores and shops availing numerous artworks, jewelry, and souvenirs among many other prizes. Rovinj’s overflowing list of goodies also includes the 17th century cathedral of St. Euphemia, which is almost an exact replica of St. Marks in Venice that provides an elevated front row seat to the town’s beguiling skyline, and the scintillating natural river feature that is Lim which is somewhat a combination of a canal and a fjord. The surrounding area provides plenty of biking/hiking trails and a coniferous Greenland for those seeking a lovely camping spot or just a place to get away from the overwhelming reach of modernity. Punta Corrente natural park, Balbi’s Arch, Rovinj Heritage Museum, divine local beaches, and irresistible native gastronomy make up the remainder of the town’s attractions.
3) Split
Aside from its “Game of Thrones” appeal, the old town is a worthy detour with much to offer besides the fictional city of Meeren portrayed in the series just 9 miles off the town. Split’s appeal boils down to its strategic location on the Dalmatian coast that offers a strategic launching pad for island hopping to the fairytale destinations of Korčula, Brač, Vis and Hvar. Within Split itself, there are hundreds of centuries-old architecture, e.g. chapels, churches, and museums, that all coalesce into panoramic views visible from the mountains in the north, Split harbor and the imposing bell tower of St Domnius cathedral. Split is also littered with talented artworks of legendary sculptor Ivan Mestrovic while the waterfront Riva offers a glorious setting for festivities which are rampant throughout the summer. Those looking forward to passing time on exquisite sandy beaches will be glad to hear that Split is home to several with Bacvice beach a particularly popular choice.
The nation’s capital Zagreb is also worth checking out with this inland town rivaling seaside locations courtesy of a track record spanning socialist-era constructions, enchanting street art, a lively blend of Austro-Hungarian buildings and an array of galleries and museum. Croatia’s treats extend far beyond these cities with wonders lurking at almost every turn. So wherever you decide to visit, you are sure to have a fun and memorable time.