April 1, 2020

10 Wardrobe Staples That Will Make Your Kid Look Like a Boss

What should be in a kid’s wardrobe if you want him or her to look like a boss all the time? You should first ask yourself, what does being a boss mean to you. A boss is someone who is confident with his style. He is someone who commands respect. Many fear their bosses. But a really good boss inspires, they don’t just command fear.

So how can a cute little baby look like a boss? It all depends on having the right wardrobe staples. You need to know the children’s wardrobe essentials and staples that can turn your kid into a head turner and a little style icon. You are probably wondering: how many sets of clothes does a kid need? Well, if you know the wardrobe staples and essentials to get, then a few sets of clothes will already be enough.

The basic wardrobe for kids should include the staples and essentials listed below. That is if you want your kid to look like a boss in style.

  1. A Shirt, Tie, and Pant Ensemble

One of the best ways to make your kid look like a boss is to dress him up in a nice and clean shirt, tie, and pants set. This set should be a staple to your kid’s wardrobe. When other people see your baby wearing this ensemble, for sure he will receive countless compliments for his style. And he will certainly enjoy all of the attention that he will get. This is a perfect attire if your kid needs to attend a fancy party or special gathering.

When you shop for a shirt and pant for your kid, your main consideration should be the fit. If you can get him a bespoke set then the better. A well-fitting shirt and pant will make your kid look confident and smart – like a real boss.

You should also pay attention to the fabric. Choose a fabric that is soft and breathable. Your kid will not look like a boss if he keeps on fidgeting because he feels uncomfortable with the clothes he is wearing. For the pants, choose one with an elastic waistband. Kids grow up so fast. This is why it is practical to get pants that can accommodate expansion.

  1. A Black Blazer Coat

There is nothing like a black blazer coat to instantly lend an air of respectability and style to anyone, even babies and kids. Along with the shirt, tie, and pants ensemble above, you now have the ultimate boss baby attire for your son’s wardrobe. The black blazer can stand on its own though. You can have your kid wear it over a printed tee and jeans and he will still look like someone who owns several companies. So this is really a must-have staple if you want your kid to feel and look like a boss.

Choose a comfortable blazer that will not cause any itchy feeling. Something that he can wear all day with pride and confidence. You can never go wrong with a Calvin Klein blazer as a staple. Calvin Klein has been making timeless formal wear for people of all ages since 1968. Calvin Klein blazers are modern yet sophisticated. They offer a timeless, tailored look that commands admiration and respect.

When you are shopping for a blazer for your kid, you should pay attention to the little details. Check out the buttons, the collar, the button cuffs, and even the pockets. The best tailors are those that pay attention to details.

Last but not least, you should pay attention to the fit. A well-fitting blazer should lay nicely over the contours of your child’s body. It should not look stiff.

  1. A Black Coat and Pant Set

There will probably come a time in your child’s life when he needs to attend an ultra-formal gathering such as a fancy wedding or a black tie affair to be attended by important people.  When that time comes, you want him to be ready. You would also want him to stand out, of course without breaking the rules of style and the proper formal dress code.

A safe attire to add to his wardrobe of staples would be a black coat and pant set. Think baby James Bond. Something that can make your kid look cute and dapper at the same time. He may be too young to order a martini (stirred, not shaken, of course) but he can already make heads turn with the right coat and pant set.

A fully lined single breasted jacket w/notch lapel would be perfect. As for the pants, it is again wise to choose one with an elastic waist so your child can still wear it a few years down the road. Also, pants with an elastic waist are more comfortable for kids and are easier to put on and take off.

  1. A White Formal Dress Shirt

To complete your baby’s formal look, you will need a white formal dress shirt to go with the coat and pant set. The perfect staple shirt for kids is a blend of cotton and polyester. A poly-cotton blend is less likely to shrink than a pure cotton shirt and is also easier to take care of. Most poly-cotton shirts are machine washable.

As a general rule for buying a shirt for your kid, you should get a shirt that is a size bigger for extra room and greater comfort. Keep in mind that kids grow big so fast and they are also not as patient when it comes to wearing fitted clothes compared to teens and young adults.

The best thing about white shirts is its versatility. It is a staple multi-purpose piece of clothing that your kid can wear in different settings. It would be better if you will get a shirt with no tail so your child can wear the shirt untucked during less formal events. A shirt with a point collar and barrel sleeve is timeless.

  1. A Baby Tie

A tie may be one of the least used pieces of clothing but it can make any guy look cute, especially babies and toddlers. A true boss baby wardrobe of staples will not be complete without a nice little necktie. Of course, you can never go wrong with an elegant black tie. Black, after all, is a safe colour that goes well with almost anything. But because of their cuteness, babies can get away with almost anything, even fashion and style detours that most adults will not dare thread. So if you want to add a touch of whimsy to your kid’s otherwise formal attire, you can let him wear a colourful tie, even one with a cute print if you want.

Ties for babies and toddlers usually come with a hook and loop strap closure making them easy to put on and take off. Choose a tie that is made with microfiber for a soft and silky yet durable feel. One with a medium satin finish is perfect and not as tacky as ones that are too shiny.

  1. Sailor Costume

Everybody loves a guy in uniform. Fortunately for kids, they can still get away with wearing any kind of uniform without looking silly or being a fraud. The cutest uniform costume it seems is a little sailor outfit. Your kid will surely look adorable looking like someone who is about to sail away in a faraway land. This costume is the perfect staple for a birthday party or photoshoot or for those days when you simply want your child to be the cutest kid in the block.

When shopping for a sailor costume, comfort should still be your number one consideration. No matter how cute the costume is, if your child is not comfortable with it he will not look like a boss. Get a costume that is made with a soft and breathable fabric, preferably machine washable so it will not be a hassle to take care of. Complete the costume with a sailor hat for maximum cuteness.

  1. A Good Pair of Shoes

Babies and toddlers generally don’t like wearing shoes. They find them restrictive and uncomfortable especially when the weather is warm. But there are instances when your baby really needs to wear shoes. You just need to pick a pair that will not make your baby cry all day.

Your little boss baby deserves a good pair of staple shoes. Since he is probably too young to wear oxford leather, a good casual pair will also do. Get him something that is lightweight. After all, he needs to be quick on his feet if he wants to be a really good baby boss. Again, comfort is the key. He needs to be able to comfortably walk or run if needed while wearing the shoes. A pair that is made with a soft material would be ideal.

Most baby shoes come with a velcro strap for convenience. Shoes with mesh material are great especially during hot summer days because it makes the shoes breathable and thus more comfortable. As far as design is concerned, just get something basic, especially if you are planning to use the shoes with a formal outfit.

  1. A Plain T-Shirt

Every kid needs at least a dozen plain t-shirts in different colours. T-shirts are versatile. They can be worn as it is or they can be combined with other pieces of clothing to create a cool casual look.

Getting several coloured t-shirts is also useful especially during those days when you just can’t seem to decide what to put on your child. Get t-shirts that are made with soft 100% pure cotton. If you can get t-shirts made with organic cotton then better.

Organic cotton is a good choice because they are free of chemicals that can irritate your child’s skin and cause other health problems. T-shirts made with organic cotton are more expensive but they are also better for your child.

  1. Denim Pants

Who says bosses can’t wear jeans? The late Steve Jobs wore jeans all the time and is one of the greatest bosses in history. Like a plain shirt, a good pair of jeans is a versatile piece of clothing. This is why many parents include jeans among the children’s wardrobe essentials. Jeans go well with almost anything. And since your kid will not be attending formal events every day, you can say that a good pair of jeans is more useful than a pair of trousers or even slacks.

Jeans are also perfect for active children. It’s a durable piece of clothing that can take almost all types of punishment that your child can throw at it. Your child can run, jump, slide, or even roll on the ground and his jeans will remain intact.

You’ll be surprised that popular denim manufacturers such as Levi’s make jeans for babies and toddlers. You can never go wrong with straight cut jeans. They will provide kids ample room to run and play around.

  1. Underwear

This is last on the list for a reason: so you will not forget them. Underwear is probably the most important part of any capsule wardrobe for kids. And a good boss wears only the best underwear. Children’s wardrobe essentials will not be complete without a set of comfortable and durable underwear.

When it comes to underwear, you are allowed to splurge. Get as many as you want. And make sure that you get the really good ones. After all, underwear is the most intimate part of any capsule wardrobe for kids.

They are the pieces of clothing that get to be very close to your child’s body. Though they are hidden, it will show if your child is uncomfortable wearing the underwear. So get your kids the best comfortable underwear.

These are the wardrobe staples that you need to have if you want your kid to look like a boss every time. Build your kids wardrobe around the above staples and you will have a stylish kid for years to come.

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