10 Eye-Catching Textile Printing Methods Revealed

The creation of beautiful designs and patterns on the surfaces of the textiles is what fabric printing refers to mainly.

It all appears seamless, effortless and easy when it comes to the printing techniques of these textiles. When it all comes down to fabric printing it is easier to do.

To achieve precision and perfection and durable longer lasting colors on the surface of the fabrics, it is really a lot more tedious task.

Today we are going to discuss the 10 new ways in which you can achieve the best prints on textiles and garments.

It is mainly in the conclusive parts when the print patterns and designs come in. To formulate those designs, dyes or pigments are used.

The most difficult part comes in when you need to derive those fine prints instead of creating an utter mess.

The following are the important printing techniques on fabric as specific methods involve different processes within it:

1. Engraved Roller Printing Technique

In this textile printing technique, the dyes are applied on to the textile which is them passed through the engraved designer rollers in the printing machine.

The role of fabric which you purchase in times of tailoring a cloth this is the process involved in creating the fabric prints.

In the entire lot same high-quality fine print is created in the same manner. For each different color, separate rollers are used. For the dye to set in, the fabric once printed is passed through the process which involves drying and steaming.

2. Screen printing Fabric Printing

Here in this printing technique, screens/ fine mesh/ films are all used as this is a hand method of direct fabric printing.

In t-shirt screen printing technique, a porous mesh screen is stretched over a frame. A stencil is them made for the design out of the porous nylon fabric in screen printing technique.

The screens are thereby placed on the fabric and a wooden squeegee takes part to work on the colors through the porous screen onto the fabric for the areas which are not printed yet.

Flatbed screen printing and rotary screen printings are the two variants of screen printing. When it comes to the flatbed screen printing it is quite a lot expensive.

The mechanized version of flat screen printing is the most commonly and widely used fabric printing technique which is used on a commercial basis when it comes to the rotary screen printing technique.

In screen printing, prints can both be done on the lighter as well as the darker colors of the fabric and this is the advantage which it has over thermal printing. In this method, you can also get large patterns with softer outlines similar to the ones of the silk scarves.

Screen printing is considered as the most viable option when you have a business to print high volumes of fabric.

3. Block Printing Techniques

Here the prints are created with the use of blocks of wood, copper or other material bearing a design. On the carved design, metal or wooden blocks are carved in the design and then dye is applied. On the face of the fabric, this is pressed and then applied.

4. Direct to Garment Digital Printing Technique

Here special ink is used to print directly on fabric directly from the computer as this is a process which uses a special inkjet printer. With the use of heat press or tunnel dryer, the artwork and the dye is heat set.

You can generate a number of prints to get even more realistic prints are what the benefit you can get through this printing technique.

5. Sublimation Transfer Printing Technique

Here there is the use of sublimation dye which is transferred to the fabric through the medium of heat and this is what is involved in this method. In this printing technique, you require inkjet or color laser printing, sublimated ink and heat press machine.

If you are looking to get vivid and attractive prints then sublimation printing technique is the best one which you can get.

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